Creative and Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical and Creative Thinking During this week I meet someone that goes to ITT-Technical Institute and he started talking to me about politics and how this country is being managed. He was talking about how the republicans and democrats are so far right and left sided that they can’t meet in the middle to make good decisions to run this country how the Clinton Administrations and the Regan Administration ran this country. After the conversation that we had I told myself that I was going to do some research so that I could think for myself instead on listening to one guy and being one sided. I decided to go online and do some research because I am not into politics. After reading some of the information that I was found I totally agreed with the student and realized that the politics need to stop worrying about if they are Republican or Democrat and arguing over every little decision the just need to meet in the middle and make the right decisions to get this country out of the state that it’s in.
I don’t agree totally with the results that I got after taking the creative self-assessment. It told me that I am below average in the persistence category. I am always striving to make myself better even when I have good results. An example of this is when I got the job that I have now I like what I do and love the environment that I work in but I want to make better money and have an even better job than what I have now. One of the categories that I agreed with in