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Discovery plots
Creative story one
Leon's skin was clammy, as he peered down the hallway. Silently, he sneaked off like a mouse into the garage. As he got closer and closer to the gigantic hunk of steel, he crawled underneath the car, where a hidden compartment could be found. Inspecting closer, the latched was identified then pulled anxiously by the boy, as if expecting an alarm to go off.
The hidden comportment laid open, the boy now finally being able to see the two crystal gems that sparkled like the stars in the sky, as he went to grab them, the thumping of stairs echoed throughout the stairway, with each step echoing louder and louder, before coming to a thunderous stomp, at the entrance of the garage. The dad slid into the car, starting it with a low grumble, as the tires grinded across the pavement. Leon still as a lamp post, peeked from behind the shelves to see if his father had really gone. After all he didn't want to be caught, as he sneaked up the stairs in back into his bedroom. Staring down at the two crystal earrings, he wondered who it was for, as he had never seen his mother ever wear these types of jewellery before, and his father was constantly buying them. Confused where all of these jewelleries were going and why his father was constantly hiding them in the trunk of the car, Leon put them away and went into his bed.
As the sun glared into Leon's eyes, he woke up groggily, and walked across the hallway, and heard murmurs in the dining room
"...where have you been?!...drinking that late at night.....i told you...i was meeting my friends....i though you stopped...i dont want Leon to have your bad habits...."
Hearing this murmur, everything came to Leon after all he had read these news on the internet, affairs and cheating. After all his father had been leaving late at night, buying jewellery that wasn't for his mother.
"Oh no..what have I discovered.." Leon muttered under his breath
Leon conflicted at what to do, should he tell his parents, only tell his father or mother, or don't tell anyone. Unsure of what to do Leon ran to his room and decided to imagine all of the possibilities that could happen. Leons hands were clammy, too concentrated on this realisation. Leon needed to tell someone....
His mother
Once again, just like every second night, Leon heard his father's car rumble across the pavement, as a red flash of light followed by the screeching sound of the car as it sped away into the distance. Leon hopped out of bed, and grabbed the earrings and opened the door. However Leon did not expect his mother to be waiting for him at the hallway,
"I knew that his habits would rub onto you" Leon's mother said in a stern voice, "go back to..." however she was cut of by Leon,