Credit Card Case Study

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This case involved the suspect(s) being in possession of credit cards, store cards and a California Driver’s license in violation of PC 496(a)-Receiving Stolen Property.


• Beauty Club Member card #372702118720
• California Driver’s license belonging to Susana Christina Deblase (#C4754941, DOB 03-30-65, 929 N. Cornejo Way, Azusa CA. 91702)
• AAA Card belonging to Susana C De Blase #4290049510550808
• Lakeshore Learning Store Teacher’s Club card #9902985625225
• AAA Card belonging to Alan De Blase #4290049510550864
• Wells Fargo Visa card #4465 4000 7777 2004, belonging to Amirhossein Rabie
• Extra Care CVS/Pharmacy card #4878038408817
• Citibank MasterCard #5403 8530 2363 9473, belonging to Francisca Vidrio Rivera
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Vargas is currently on probation for robbery. Vargas reportedly was not present during the probation search. Abrego contacted Suspect #2 Edward Aguilar and Isla Aguilar inside of the residence (mother of both suspects, 626-354-4521).

Isla advised Abrego that she believed Vargas was in possession of stolen credit cards. Isla retrieved the credit cards from Vargas’ bedroom and gave them to Abrego. Isla reportedly told Abrego she heard several conversations between Vargas and Aguilar about committing robberies. Isla did not hear where or when those robberies occurred.

Abrego spoke with Suspect #2 Aguilar, who reportedly told him that Suspect #1 Vargas stole the listed items. Aguilar did not give Abrego any details of how or where Vargas stole the items. Abrego advised me that he filed a warrant for Vargas’ arrest on a probation violation for not reporting. Abrego advised he is not capable of booking evidence or conducting an investigation of the evidence found in Vargas’ bedroom. Abrego requested the Pasadena Police Department conduct an investigation to determine if the above evidence is in fact stolen property. Abrego will file another violation against Vargas’ if the evidence is determined to be
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I learned Woodrow possibly resides at 4 Sqauw Peak Lane, Carson (LASD Carson Station, 310-830-1123). I telephoned LASD Carson Station and spoke with the records department. I was advised a formal request needs to be faxed to the Carson Station records department before any information will be released.

Officer Harrell telephone Azusa Police Department where Susana Christina Deblase resides (Cornejo Way, Azusa CA. 91702). Officer Harrell was advised that Deblase has not filed a police report with Azusa PD.

Officer Harrell and I conducted a records check to determine if the above listed items were reported as lost or stolen with the Pasadena Police Department. We were unable to locate any police reports. I took photos of the evidence which was later uploaded in VeriPic (see attached photos). Susana Christina Deblase’s California driver’s license was entered into NCIC as found property (see attached printout). I then booked the listed items into