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Ciara Schneider
Mr. Agawarl
CSC 115
Prevention of Juvenile Criminals, Substance Abuse and Peer Pressure

When kids grow up they hope to be a doctor, a firefighter, or even a teacher but some fall astray of that goal only because they made the wrong choice. It is the one choice that determines how their life will go. Juvenile delinquency is a big issue of this century. There are many factors that contribute to this, the big ones being family issues, substance abuse, and just “ hanging with the wrong crowd”.
A child’s feeling of abandonment can result in emotional trauma. A child needs to develop a strong attachment to a parent or any type of caregiver. If the child is exposed to neglect or no attachment the child could grow up to be cruel to others or even pets. They can also develop a lack of long-term friendships, superficial friendliness, and lack of eye contact and resistance to nurturing touch. A child will not always make the best decisions that are why it is up to a parent or parents to help a child make better decisions. This will help in their self-esteem and confidence in making good decisions and not bad decisions by going on the wrong path.
Children who live with only one parent are more prone to indulge in crime versus kids with two parents. Statistics say that more than 75% of children with only one parent have more problems emotionally, inter-personally, in school, an with the law. There are two main reasons for children with only one parent being more active in the crime world. Those two reasons are


lack of supervision and resentment and acting out (Single parenting guide). Lack of supervision is one of the most common reasons for juvenile crimes today. Most single parents take their children out of day care to free up on extra money. With this it puts the child in a place to where they have to stay at home alone. By them being at home alone the child is more prone to indulge in any type of criminal activity because there is no supervision. Also with the lack of supervision it causes the child to act out more because the children are trying to seek attention of the absent parent. Teenagers leaving in a bad environment can lead to substance abuse or bad decisionmaking. A parent who drinks, smokes, or even abuses their kids is putting a child in danger for their future. By seeing their parents make bad choices they make them same bad choices with no worries. “If a adult does this then why cant I?” some teens could think this. By living with a good example any kid will live with a good attitude, confidence in themselves and a structured house hold. This could also protect any child from harm like being out any time of night wondering the street trying to get into a bad habit.
Falling into the wrong crowd is a habit for some teens. Being popular or noticed builds a teens confidence or makes them feel art of the crowd. A young teenager is vulnerable and their state of mind is not yet developed all the way for them to make smart decisions. By having parents or a counselor or a good friend of some sort this can help prevent a teenager to follow the crowd and think for them selves. Peer pressure s a big issue in the U.S. studies show that 80% of teens fall into peer pressure. 60% of statistics are made up in the U.S.(Crime Solutions). Teens do not notice the strong affect it has on their mind and body.


Boys are more disposed to abuse drugs to get high and to act out in school, while girls tend to abuse drugs to feel pretty by losing weight, staying awake, or focusing on things more.
The drug abuse can also result in depression, stress, or even anxiety