I Have Chosen The Percentage Of Young Offenders In The UK

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I have chosen the percentage of young offender in the United Kingdom has raised a significant amount from 2000 to present day as my hypothesis.

My report is going to be about young adults and teens in Britain that has a committed a criminal offence. My hypothesis for this project is young offenders in the United Kingdom has raised a significant amount from 2000 to present day it will include the following:

What is a young offender?
What is the age group is most likely to committee an offence and why?
Who does this affect?
Why do they do this?
Also a bibliography and conclusion
I have chosen this to do because it seems interesting and I didn’t know much about it and I like to challenge myself.

From this chart we can see that it this 14-16 year olds who are more likely to committee a crime. Also the chart is from 1999 to 2008 but it hasn’t change very much since then the percentage just increase. Teens are more likely to committee an offence because of peer-pressure and poverty. Two-fifths of offences reported at least one act of antisocial behaviour in the last 12 months.

A lot of young offenders say it affects them self more than anyone else but community and government say that affects the community, the victim and police. It affects the community because it makes a negative effect on the community crimes that affect this is vandalism its damage property and makes the community look bad. It affects the victim because they might have to replace the damage items or they might have to get mental help because of mental damage. It effects the police because they are wasting polices time because they could be dealing with a more serious situation.

They do this because they don't understand the consequences of their action. They don't know the law well enough. Lack of consideration for others. Boredom.
Overly inflated sense of Maturity. They could be on drugs, looking for Attention or pressure off of friends. Also poverty could be an issue. These are all some opinions of people i asked this question to.