Criminal Justice: Male vs Female Essay

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For this assignment we will look at two individuals. The first person we are looking at is John. He comes from what is typically described as a “good” family background. The second person we will look at is Jane. She comes from what is typically described as a “poor” family background. Jane has never had any run ins with the law, not even a speeding ticket. John, on the other hand, has been in and out of the criminal justice system since he was 16. We will look at what influences have caused each individual to lead the life they live.
First we will examine John. He is 25 and is serving his a 3-5 year prison term. John’s father is a judge and his mother is a doctor. He has gone to private school since kindergarten. John is an only child. His parents were usually so busy with work that they hardly ever spun any time together as a family except the occasional family diner, which happened semi-annually.
On the other hand we have Jane. She is a 21 and is in her last year of community college where she is studying to be a registered nurse. Her father went to jail when she was 3 for an armed robbery. Her mother worked 3 jobs to support them until Jane was old enough to work. She and her mother were inseparable.
Now here we have these two individuals that come from two completely different backgrounds. On the one hand while John’s family is rich in money, they do not have a strong family bond. While Jane and her mother may not have as much as the average family, they are rich in love. When you have a strong family bond your morals and beliefs are stronger. You tend to be more conscious of your decisions and your environment.
John started acting out in high school. He got into fight with other kids…