Critical Bronfenbrenner Model

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Professional advice 2 It is imperative that children learn socialization and when making the decision to raise a child we must choose wisely in who we let assist us in that process. Children are transformed by those in close proximity to them, for example like, parents, siblings, peers, school teachers and etc. Children are essentially born without knowledge and culture and while much of a child personality is result of the genes they inherit, the process of socialization is formulated by beliefs, attitudes and experiences that are reflective of their culture. Early childhood is the ages where the most critical …show more content…
This model also helps us to distinguish the very key notion that the environment is not the only influence on the child’s overall development but that the child contributes a lot to the process as well. This model consisted of four systems which include the microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem and the macrosystem. Within each of these systems are individuals in whom a child comes into contact with and are heavily influenced. The Microsystem is the settings in which a child personally interacts and is influenced the most and all children have several microsystems. Mesosystem as a positive influence on a child because it creates the opportunity to provide the child social support and consistency in his daily …show more content…
Explain how the media can (both positively and negatively) influence the child.

Discuss the importance of culture and ethnicity in the development of the self-concept. Share your ideas of ways that the new parents can create opportunities for the child to learn about his or her culture.

Describe at least two researched methods to increase the child's self-esteem and positive attitude.

Differentiate between the importance of socialization that occurs in the home and at school. Explain the importance of each venue as a positive haven for the child.

Explain the importance of the teacher’s role in the child's life. Give examples of how the school and the teacher will affect the child's socialization.

Share the importance of positive peer interactions. Give two examples for the parents to implement at home to foster friendships.

The conclusion of the Final Paper should include the following:
Brief discussion of the student’s future profession and how understanding the nature of families and children in relation to society is important for that