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Bryan Gould: Our workers being squeezed by the bottom line
Bryan Gould, a Vice-chancellor of Waikato University, has known as a leading critic and commentator on many aspects of macro-economic policy including globalisation. As a member of the Labour Parties in Britain and New Zealand for over 45 years, he is one of the advocates of socialism and has written books entitled, “Socialism and Freedom” (1985); “The Democracy Sham: How Globalisation Devalues Your Vote” (2006). Accordingly, his qualifications and academic experiences listed above qualify his perspectives on the topic of anti-globalisation. Bryan Gould‘s perspective is in the left wing ideology which can be seen from the article. He pointed out the consequence of privatisation and another aspect of foreign investment, thus endorsing the need for government to protect New Zealand from the influence of globalisation.

The article was published on New Zealand Herald, the number one daily newspaper connecting with more than half million readers each day. By using simple language, Bryan Gould’s aim is to reach the general readers including 72% the main or equal household shoppers. He informs audience the significance of the government’s role in the economy and society whilst we are moving further on the right wing ideology of neo-liberalism. The article was published at the time when strikes of hundreds of workers from Ports of Auckland and Affco to claims for their rights were taken place. These events imply insightfully the domination of privatising state’s assets is become much stronger nowadays.
In the article, Bryan Gould backgrounds the Oceania Group’s rest home dispute particularly the way it represents private Australian companies trying to squeeze profit from what was previously a public service – the aged care sector. Oceania Group has offered a low pay rate “just $ 13.61 per hour” for many workers. The reason is that Oceania Group has found themselves in debt with Macquaire Bank. And the way to solve the debts is cutting costs by squeezing out New Zealand workers at the bottom line.
Oceania Group which is a part of NZACA was set up under the aegis of Australian Bank. The profits they have earned, of course, will be paid back to the foreign investors who have little or even no interest in NZ workers but a good return on their investment. Currently, the aged cared workers are getting a really low wage rate which is just 11c above the minimum wage. Their jobs are extremely undervalued compared with the workload they do, therefore, apparently lowing the standard of services to our elderly customers. It is even worse when our money runs across into the foreign pocket leading to an unbalance NZ overseas payment. It then forces NZ to borrow more and becomes more interdependent on overseas countries. However, in my opinion, Bryan Gould should have given sources of how he came to his conclusion for validity argument. It would help to persuade his argument is not about one side assertion.
In the same topic, NZ herald has released an article entitled “Why Bryan Gould was wrong” of Martin Taylor who is Chief Executive NZ Aged Cared Association. It says Oceania Group has offered staffs a 3 per cent pay rise over the next 14…