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Ryan Akers
English 101
Reading about Reading
A.) What did you already know about critical reading prior to reading these pieces? Which strategies had you already used? What has been the result of using those strategies?
Well the basic things that I regarded as critical reading really to me were just doing as it sounds, read critically. To be honest and reading through Bird, it shocked me to realize how much effort can actually go into “reading critically.” Which really is exciting to me and made a ton of sense. I actually was afraid of writing in my text books because at the end of the semester I would be turning in that book for cash. It makes sense to actually go through a book with a pen in hand and underline, highlight, mark or quote even. That way you really are getting the full amount of knowledge and education for your dollar spent. After all you are the one paying for your education, you might as well take advantage of it anyway you can!

B.) Based on what you read, what strategies seem important? Why? Which strategies do you plan to use this semester? Why?
To be honest I thought all ten strategies that Bird listed were extremely useful. Which were to find a quiet place to read, pre-read the assignment, annotate with a pen in hand, write main points in the margin, read with a dictionary, ask questions as you read, ask question like who, what and why, look for the elements of reasoning, think about the standards of critical thinking, and try to make connections in the readings. (I realize that may have been a run-on…