Essay on Criticism of Night

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At its first publication, Night did not get a lot of success. In fact, the book was rejected by several publishers. Only one publisher believed in Eliezer: François Mauriac. He was instantly touched by the testimony of this survivor. He believed that this story was the story of a miracle, the miracle of an escaped child, a wonderful and personal testimony. He also believed that this story must be as read as The Diary of Anne Frank, which was a great success. Sadly, the public did not think the same. The literary critic Ruth Franklin wrote that ‘’Night is the most devastating account of the Holocaust that I have ever read. ‘’. It was too soon to publish such a dark story about it; it was too rough for the time. The subject did not interest them; people did not want to know what really happened. They just wanted to forget it.

Time passed – about forty-five years after the first publication – and Mr. Wiesel decided to make a new translation of the novel. The new version of the book is closer of what he lived than the old version. Moreover, he asked to his wife to make the translation. He chose her because he knew that she could make the reader feel the emotions he wanted to. These new conditions helped to make the second version a great success. In fact, the novel has been received in an unexpected way. Even if the novel is still devastating, it touched people in a good way. Curt Leviant from the Saturday Review wrote that ‘’Wiesel has taken his own anguish and imaginatively