Short Story and Animal Lover Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe isn't even just a phenomenal poet, he's fantastic with his short stories and his wordings. His best known fiction works are Gothic and most recurring themes deal with the questions of death and lost love. He was considered part of the dark romanticism genre. My favorite of his many literary abilities his how well he describes things. He always has the best, creepiest, crawliest descriptions out of anything from anyone. Because of his multi-faceted and complicated personality, his interesting personal history. He is also an enigma; This was his alcoholism and mental instability a contributing factor to his creativity and poetic talent.
"The Cask of Amontillado" The narrator, Montresor, opens the story by stating that he has been insulted by his acquaintance, Fortunato. One evening night at the carnival, Montressor found his chance to take revenge against Fortunato when a feast was held in their place. He knew that fortunato loves wine and other liquor, so he lures a drunk and unwitting Fortunato down to the catacombs with the promise of some really fine Amontillado. When they get down there, Montressor chains Fortunato on the wall and proceeds the seal with bricks, leaving him to die behind a wall in the catacombs. Setting and atmosphere play a very important role not only in giving Montresor an ideal ironic situation in which to commit his deeds, but also in giving the story horror mood which keeps the reader on edge and intense. At the end of the story, Fortunado once said "let us be gone" This is ironic because he had to be a complete fool to think Montressor is going to undo all those layers of bricks and let him out. Fortunado is hoping against hope, even Montressor's reply is more ironic, " Yes. let us be gone." He's torturing Fortunao with his irony and has been all along. He is dedicated to his own point of view, which is cold, brutal, and vengeful. He doesn’t mind telling us about his torture and murder of Fortunato; indeed, he thinks what he did was the just, the right way to handle the situation. Poe had successfully caught readers' attention with his unique style of writing, especially the part of the mysterious insults from Fortunado that led his journey to death.
"The Tale Heart" The narrator explains that he is nervous, but in no way crazy. He begins to calmly tell a whole story of how he kills an old man that he loves and takes care of, because the old man's evil eye. Every night, he went into old man's room and watch him sleep. He once mention he can't kill the man with his eye closed. On the eighth night, he went into the room old man awake then he killed old man. He hides the corpse under the floorboards. At four o'clock, three policemen arrived. He invited them into the house and explained the situation caused the loud shriek. While chatting with the police, he begins to hear the beating sound of the old man’s heart. And committed to his murder. Story begins with a sense of fear and urgency .The narrator sees the eye as completely separate from the man, and as a result, he is capable of murdering him while he loved him. I think police arrival scene, it give him the opportunity to betray himself. The more the he's acting calm, the more he cannot escape the beating of his own heart, which he mistaken the beats are coming from the old man. His paranoia symptoms led him unable to distinguish between real and imagined sounds. Because of his warped sense of reality, he obsesses over with the beats of the man’s heart and pays little concern about the man’s shrieks, which are loud enough to catch neighbor’s attention and cause the police to arrive on scene.
"The Black cat" An animal lover has a cat. Over the years, the man becomes a violent. In a drunken rage night, he cuts the cat's eye right out of his socket. The next morning, he's mortified at what he's done, but over the next few days he starts feeling contrary, and kills the cat, hangs it on a tree. That night, his house