Crucial Conversations Essay

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I knew I was in trouble when I read the words "go back to the book again, learn some more and apply your new learnings". Deep thinking was not even a phrase I had thought about in at least two years (since my last Dr. Bill class). Obviously, this book was hand picked for a reason to allow the process of deep CRITICAL thinking to take place. Go back and apply what you have learned…. learn more…….

The beginning of the book dives into what is critical communications? Does it make a difference and honestly who cares? Specifically however, points out that we as a society will avoid a conversation the more important and or critical it becomes regardless if this is in a personal, business and or health situation. If we decide to take on a
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If you identify it, you can fix it!

In a personal real time application, I sited the previous confrontation on learning to cope with my tendency to avoid however, I also had a recent incident in my personal life that I let slip by. Last week I decided I wanted to have a laptop to take notes in a few of my classes. In the last year I gave away my laptop to my brother as, I had a work provided one so, I no longer needed two. I recently switched careers leaving me without a laptop. I asked my brother if I could use it and he told me that the laptop did not have any software on it and was actually really slow because he had so many songs on it from his IPod. I realized that the situation was extremely unsafe and had many warning signals however, rather than starting a fight I avoided the situation completely (see yeah but in chapter 11). Obviously, there could have been some improvements in my tactic of avoidance however, chapter five talks about what the next step could have been in this situation.

Using the methods in making It safe, apologize when appropriate. Look into the root of the actual problem and solve until you get to a common ground aka compromise. Some people call it thinking out side of the box. When you have identified a situation as unsafe, step out – revaluate the situation – look! And step back in when you are ready to make sound choices with the other parties. This could still be used as a