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The purpose of my report is to find out how the education was improved and what shifts have been taken. It is important to know the roots before analyzing the current scenario that the students are facing. With the help of ancient educational moves we can also take measures to further work on our educational reforming system.
The young youths are the only hopes and precious assets that an economy holds for its best and even worst if not handled appropriately.
My report involves the cultural moves that were taken by different scholars at different times. It also includes the goals that were set by the higher authorities.
With my survey, we can analyze what were the problems during the ancient times and to what extent they have been resolved and what techniques we still should acquire to fill the gaps.
The current problems our students facing is also very important component to be considered in making the improvement on the whole.

Since the 1980’s, the education reform is in the United States. Traditionally, Education reformed has taken different systems as per the difference with the motivations of the reformers. Starting with the ancient times till 1800s, the only goal was to reduce the expenses of the education. Historically education was only available to the ones who were used to be wealthy.
The invention of Kindergarten was kept in place with the motive of providing young children the national unity by teaching a national language so that they can grow up learning that language is easy.
Education reform movement was started in Massachusetts when the common school shift started by Mann. He was the politician who worked for the Massachusetts House of representatives during 1827-1833. Mann highlighted more the optimistic strengthening besides punishing the students.
During those times, many children learned to write, spell and read from Noah Webster’s Blue Backed Speller and later some time from McGuffey Readers.
Free public lectures were used to be given by the Lyceum movement in the cities and towns. However, free public education was sporadic in South, where most of the education were given in the home or by tutors but more communal in the New England.
Since the improvement of America’s School Act, the requirement for principles and united assessments has been a feature of federal legislations.

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.


Education reform was basically named with the goal of improving the education systems within the United Sates. If we observe, will get to know that how minor advancements in the education hypothetically can lead to the large social returns in well-being, health and wealth. The students should know that the education reform has been majorly driven by the settings of academic standards.
Standards that were set for the education reform in the past is the most prominent feature for recent educational prospect.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
—Mark Twain

However, the education should never be indulge with the schooling as per afore mentioned quote. Schooling takes into consideration many other things than the education; friends circle, extra-curricular activities, picnics and etc.


Accountability is termed as a hope. The students raise their academic admirations when the academic organizations will raise their standards and morals.
The real accountability to our educational system will directly lead to real fallouts for our children.
So far, education reforms have acquired many forms and directions. The sense and approaches of education have changed a lot by means of debates over what contentment or proficiencies result in an educated society or an educated individual.
However, with time, the education reforms have the same tendency in many states. Many of the schools have increased the