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Communication Issues At Work Place
Outline of discussion

Oral communication: spoken words, face-to-face, interpersonal communication
Visual communication: visual aid, graphics, video, drawing, signs
Nonverbal communication: gestures, body language, facial expression, posture, tone, 7%-38%-55% rule (Words-Tone-Body Language)
Written communication: letters, memos, emails
Communication Barriers and issues

Issue: Semantic Problems
Reasons: unclear message, mixed signals, mixed body language
What are some other reasons?
Impact: misunderstanding, loss of productivity and time, confusion
Improvements: Use concise and clear message, understand that people interpret things differently, clarify
What else can be done to improve Semantic problems in communication? Provide examples.

Issue: Physical Distractions
Reasons: unplanned meeting or call, unclear objective, uncomfortable environment, lack of interest
Impact: unable to reach an agreement or conclusion
What are some other impacts?
Improvements: practice five S’s, practice active listening, plan ahead, find a place that is comfortable and with minimum distractions, turn off or vibrate cell phone Provide examples.

Issue: Cultural differences
Reasons: unable to understand other cultures, ethnocentrism, unable to realize differences, unwillingness to try to understand other cultures, language difference, use of local phrases
Impact: Misunderstandings, loss of business or partnership
What are some other impacts of cultural differences in communication?
Improvements: Realize that other cultures are different and people think differently, attend other cultural events, travel outside USA, delay judgment and emphasize description, practice empathy and try to put yourself in others shoes What else can be done to improve communication? Provide examples.

Issue: Absence of feedback and lack of personal contact
Reasons: one-way communication, emails, cheap and fast
Impact: poor communication, wasted resources, misunderstanding, delay in response
Improvement: Use two-way communication (Phone call or preferably