Culture: Culture and Marble Stone Essay

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Culture; a Marble Stone Culture is how one makes sense of the world. It is the ideas, concepts, categories, values, and beliefs. Clifford Geertz defines culture as the machinery that people use “to orient them in a world otherwise opaque” (Geertz 1973, 363). There is not one ruling culture among others, in order to accept ones culture we must have positive curiosity, and respect as we lengthen our knowledge. In order to categorize a culture as a culture it must consist of several tangible aspects. One, the backbone; a language, without language, it's impossible to learn the culture. Without culture, language has nothing to refer to. Two, the values and beliefs shared help the society in a culture have cohesiveness in their attitudes and behaviors. There are many elements of culture, on the surface we may see language, clothing, location and how they interact, however, under the surface we find the true meanings of one’s culture and how it makes people complete. Imagine living in a world with no self-direction; always having a monotone emotion. Not emerging you with the fundamentals of a life. A culture allows us to be surrounded by those fundamentals. A language does not solely define us; we must develop or have been born into a culture to create the marble stone of different fundamentals in our life. Without beliefs, social habits, values we remain a solid color stone. Edward B. Tylor defines culture as a complex whole by which a person enters a society.