Police Brutality In Fergusson

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Content: On Aug. 9, Missouri cop Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown in a Ferguson street. Witnesses said the teen was surrendering and even had his hands over his head when the cop opened fire. After the 18 year old was killed, citizens began to start riots. These riots included vandalism and looting­ so obviously the police decided that they had to fire stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets at them. Riots eventually became peaceful, and the people organized protests with the slogan “Don’t Shoot”. Citation: Mag Wagner, Thursday, September 4, 2014, 7:10 AM, “Justice Department to investigate Ferguson police and practices” Context: Ferguson, Missouri had been known for its excessive amount of racial profiling. A
2013 Missouri attorney general report found that Ferguson police stopped and arrested black drivers nearly twice as frequently as white motorists, even though they were less likely to find contraband among the black drivers. Connections: This is a prime example of police brutality as well as profiling. The events taking place in Ferguson are out of line; this nation claims it has progressed and moved away from racism, however, the death of Brown proves otherwise. Government authority still profiles minorities and will get away with­ in this case­ murder simply because they are white. Confusions: It is said that Wilson was defending himself however there have been no medical records released proving injury.