Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis Essay

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Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

Apple Inc.
The Apple Company is one of the most successful firms in the cellular phone market. Although the company has not always been on the top, they found a way to surpass other competitors through the quality and pricing of their products. Today, we can walk through most superstores and find Apple’s products.
Apple was started in 1976 when Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs joined forces. Wozniak created the Apple I which Jobs suggested they try to sell. The Apple I was not very successful. By 1980 the Apple III was introduced which increased sales tremendously and helped to employ thousands of people. In 1981, sales became more difficult because the market became populated
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Apple must contend with this low-cost of entry at some point.

Together, Android and iPhone made up 90 percent of smartphone market, with Android holding on to 47 percent of the smartphone market during the indicated quarter.
Supply, Demand and Prices Apple Inc. faced supply constraints as recently as 2011 when the major earthquake and subsequent Tsunami struck Japan in March. This put a damper on many globally operational companies including Apple. However, with demand at an all-time high for Apple products the price of Apple shares actually rose with the report of the potential supply constraints. Apple enthusiasts and economic analysts were so confident that Apple’s next product, the iPhone 4, would be in such high demand that they excluded Apple from the list of negatively impacted companies within this particular market. Competitors such as Samsung faced significant supply constraints, which caused the release of some higher profile iPhone competitors to be delayed or face shortages as supply could not meet demand. This drove the cost of the few available newer phones up considerably.
Opportunities and Effectiveness
One market that is constantly changing is the technology market that Apple is a part of. There are constant upgrades and changes that make the market highly competitive. This leads to rivalries such as the PC versus the Apple and has companies left with only one option which is