Current Middle East issues Essay

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This is obviously a terrible situation, but I do not think it should be surprising coming out of this nation. Central African Republic has never been stable and that could partially be because the country is very large so it is hard to unify it under one, single, stable government. Ten percent of people is a larger number when you think of the statistic as 460,000 people getting up and leaving their homes because of ethnic issues where armed men just go around looting villages. This country looks to me as if it will never be stable. Seventy percent of children are no longer in school, so what does that mean for the future of Central African Republic? It means, if this continues, the next generation will have grown up in turmoil along with not being fully educated. Other nations are responding, which is good, but this is a huge issue for Central African Republic and the world.

It is a good thing the U.S. and other nations have made a deal with the Iranian people. However, we must consider that in this deal, Iran has much less upside than all the other countries. Yes, some of their sanctions will be lifted and the revenue will gain the nation billions of dollars, but they have been living with these sanctions for a while now. If they really believe in their enriched uranium and nuclear projects I do not see why this would stop them. Remember, Iran has already signed a treaty from the IAEA and that is the reason they received so much scrutiny in the first place. They…