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Table of Contents

1. Summary
2. Introduction
3. General Threats to Network and Information Security
4. System and Application Threats
5. Infrastructure Threats
6. Attacks on physical systems
7. Conclusion
8. Reference

Summary: Threat assessment is an extremely important component of a details protection risk assessment. In order to focus on weaknesses for removal and to evaluate existing manages, thorough understanding of potential threat sources is required. Particularly for banking organizations, this action is a pre-requisite for a comprehensive details protection program and a stated regulating requirement. This document examines key the process of threat assessment, including important elements, strategies, and common problems. A suggested strategy for finishing and recording this action is also provided. While the focus of this document is on banking organizations and relevant regulatory requirements, the general concepts and the suggested strategy for conducting threat assessment are applicable to other organizations and sectors.

A successful company works on the reasons for income development and reduction avoidance. Small and medium-sized companies are particularly hit hard when either one or both of these company specifications experience. Data leak, down-time and popularity reduction can easily convert away new and current customers if such circumstances are not managed properly and quickly. This may, in convert, effect on the business's main point here and eventually profit edges. A Trojan occurrence or a system violation can cost a company lots of money. In some cases, it may even lead to legal responsibility and legal cases.
The truth is that many companies would like to have a protected IT atmosphere but very often this need comes into problem with other main concerns. Companies often find the process of maintaining the company features arranged with the protection process extremely complicated. When financial conditions look serious, it is easy to turn protection into a guidelines product that keeps being forced back. However the fact is that, in such circumstances, protection should be a main problem. The chance of risks impacting your company will probably improve and the effect can be more damaging if it tarnishes your popularity.
General Threats to Network and Information Security: The assets of the e-business solutions and other digital solutions should be secured in order to protect the validity, privacy, reliability and accessibility to the service. The resources of these digital solutions are:
The data of organizations and people using digital support.
The resources of the digital business or activity support itself (e.g. techniques, networks, information).
Data and information related to the remote device of networked home-based equipment and techniques.
User verification qualifications.
System and Application Threats:
Digital interaction can be intercepted and information duplicated or customized. This can cause harm through intrusion of the comfort of individuals or through the exploitation of information intercepted; the advance of intercepted information could also endanger the health and well-being of sufferers.
Illegal access into pc and pc networks is usually carried out with harmful purpose to copy, modify or eliminate data and expands to systems and automatic equipment in the home or to cellular phones such as cell phones, PDAs, etc.
Unsafe software, such as malware, can turn off computer systems or cellular phones, remove or change data or reprogram equipment. Some latest virus strikes have been extremely dangerous and costly. Recent strikes are focused and designed for profit.
Misunderstanding of individuals or organizations can cause significant loss, e.g. clients may obtain harmful software