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CYP Core 3.3- Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.

According to Tassoni et al. “Safeguarding is about much more than just protecting children from direct abuse.” Child protection is essential and is continuously being updated in order to ensure that those working with children are aware of how to safeguard children and young people. Safeguarding children is more than just simply protecting children from abuse. There are many aspects of safeguarding children. Safeguarding a child or young person is ensuring that they have the opportunity to achieve their true potential and have the right to be protected from abuse, neglect or exploitation from anyone including professionals working with them. This is a much more holistic approach and is focused around the child’s needs, it is designed to prevent harm rather than just react once it has occurred. Child Protection, according to Tassoni et al (2010) is “part of the safeguarding process where it is necessary to take action when there is a reasonable belief that a child is at risk of significant harm”, whereas safeguarding children is “promoting children’s welfare and putting measures in place to improve children’s safety and prevent abuse”.
Safeguarding is about keeping children safe from accidents, for example, in my setting we do risk assessments before performing any activity such as, going for walks, playing outdoors, assessments of toys and equipment, etc.
It is about the prevention of crime and bullying. If a child or young person is being bullied reassure them, let them know they are not to blame. Take notes of events/disclosures and report to child protection officer.
If a child/young person is involved in a crime take note and report to the relevant authorities/professionals. Do not try and force a child to disclose to you. Just listen to them and respond as appropriate. In my setting any disclosure made is taken note of and passed onto the child protection officer.
We need to support their welfare in a healthy and safe environment. For example, healthy meals, adequate exercise, making sure toys and equipment are safe, age and stage appropriate and not broken or damaged, etc. Also, the area in which they are in needs to be of suitable standards, e.g. is the area big enough for the amount of children? Is their hazards that need addressed? Is there the proper staff/child ratio throughout the day?
Ensuring children and young people’s safety and protection in the setting is an essential part of safeguarding.
Every child has the right to be protected
Promote health and wellbeing
Every adult working in the setting must be a suitable person to work with young children, and must have been checked by the Independent Safeguarding Authority.
Practitioners need to protect the small number of children/young people