DBQ: The French And Indian War

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The French & Indian War altered the political, economic, ideological relations, and the geographical influences between Britain and its American colonies by Britain owning the most land in North America, taxes being levied in the colonies, and people thinking differently after the war.
Before the French & Indian War in 1754 the French owned a lot of North America, but when Britain won the French & Indian War the British also won a lot of the French land (Doc A). The English took a lot of the French land but the Spanish won some of the land too (Doc. A). The Spanish also won some English land, like the land that is now called Florida (Doc. A). By the British owning a lot of North America the British had control over a lot of the colonies,
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After the French & Indian War, the British were in debt so, the British had to impose taxes on the colonist. One of the taxes that was imposed on the colonies was the Stamp Act of 1765, which was a tax on stamped paper or the affixing of stamps. In October 1765 there was a newspaper published called The Pennsylvania Journal And Weekly Advertiser (Doc. H). This newspaper was published the day that the Stamp Act was created. The arthur of this newspaper was an American colonist because the arthur used the words “The Times are Dreadful, Doleful, Dismal, Dolorous and Dollar-less,” which no Loyalist would ever say in a newspaper (Doc. H). The arthur thought that he should stop publishing newspapers for a while because of the Stamp Act (Doc. H). There were many other taxes that were imposed on the colonies like the tea tax, which lead to the Boston Tea Party. Parliament eventually repealed the Stamp Act in 1766 because of all the commotion the colonist were making. The British Commissioners thought that the revenue arising was very small and inconsiderable and is not yet sufficient to defray a fourth part of the expense (Doc F). The American colonist thought