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Daisy Miller compared to a Modern American Lady
Daisy Miller by Henry James is an American novel about a young pretty rich girl, her younger brat brother, and her pushover mother. They have taking a summer family vacation in Vevey, Switzerland when Daisy the beautiful young American woman meets Winterbourne, a male who was from America but has lived in Gueva most of his life. This story is based off the thoughts and opinions of everyone other than Daisy Miller herself. Many young American women compare to the way Daisy Miller was judged by her cover, personality, and carelessness.
Miss Miller and most human beings are judged first solely on their beauty. When Daisy is described by the male narrator throughout the novel she is described with beauty. Majority of society stereotypes a beautiful American lady to be conceded, easy to manipulate, and ignorant. As soon as Winterbourne and Daisy had their first conversation he makes the assumption Daisy Miller as nothing more than an “unsophisticated flirt” compared to other women on the continent. (12) The reason most of society is quick to judge a ladies cover is because they are intimidated or envious of their beauty.
Another way Daisy Miller was judged in this story like many American ladies are judged today was by her flirtatious personality. Miss Miller and many other modern young ladies come across as being promiscuous when they just want to be noticed. Today’s everyday women are bad to thrive off of compliments and attention from men. This comes off as girls trying too hard and being out there which is not acceptable in many societies. Many of the critics in Daisy Miller think women were to be modest and well behaved. However Miss Miller was a loud, intention craving, and object of affection American woman.
Daisy Miller reminds me of an American girl today who