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Data mining is growing in the realm of commerce. We are in an information economy. There is data download. More is being processed in this time. It is mathematical equations neural networks, clusters that use mathematics. Where you have processing it uses mathematics. It is applied to supply chain processes, advertising, health care process, marketing and advertising processes. Any processing could access data mining. For example, face book, and twitter, is gathering data on people and their personal information. It is just information that is being downloaded.
Manage data
Discover needs, view trends and patterns, help make good decisions, predict future figures, finds balance with analytics, making decisions founded on facts. SAS is the analytic leader. Tap the power of your data based on facts.
Predictive analytics: we are bombarded by ads on the internet. Analysis your customers, based on spending pattern. Heap of data collected to give the right offer to your customer’s Traditional marketing you blast your audience with the same marketing strategies.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) this starts with your customer. You communicate with other in your company. You have more than one contact within your company. We keep contacts in a system. You are able to keep track of information in different systems such as outlook email. Some benefits are able to access that data base of these contacts to reach out to customers. Customers are the central focus. CRMs are