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Database Design Paper

A database system is a program designed specifically for the purpose of allowing a large number of users to either be able to manage and organize large amounts of structured persistent data from a designer’s standpoint, or allow an end user to search through different types of data in the database, such as field’s records and files. A database system offers a unique way of changing or adding data to information systems without disrupting the current system. “The database architecture is the set of specifications, rules, and processes that dictate how data is stored in a database and how data is accessed by components of a system.” "Database Architecture " (2005) Database architecture defines data types, relationships, naming conventions, organization of data and how they interact, anything that defines the nature of the data, structure of the data, or the processes of the data. We have database systems in my work place, some simple and easy to explain, and some are so complicated I would not know where to begin. It is the responsibility of the office manager to create a file for each employee which has basic information about the employee such as contact info, but also to keep track of anything else that is documented throughout the employees time with the company, such as disciplinary actions, completed training, salary and commission. We do not have a database management system in place, so whenever someone needs to look up information about a particular employee they have to search for the employees individual file, open the folder and find whatever piece of