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Dear English 131, My name is Bill Adams, I’m 18, born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Born into a Christian African American household, I am the third of five children. I recently graduated from Rocky River High School. During my senior year I was an active student being a part of the Rocky River Marching Band Color Guard Dance Team, FCCLA, National Art Society, and Gospel Choir. I plan to study in Elementary Education while a student here at Saint Augustine’s University. In the future I plan on becoming and/or being a part of Miss Freshmen Class Queen, Greek, SGA, Color Guard, and Bel Jador Modeling Troop. Growing up with both my parents present in my life has helped me really understand the true meaning of family. My mom owns a childcare called A Mother’s Love Family Childcare Center. Her giving heart has inspired me to help others around me. My father is the manager of building services for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. His hard work has taught me to never give up on life because in reality man needs life more than life needs man. My parents together birthed three children and adopted two children. I have an interesting family that everyone enjoys being around.
Since age 16 I’ve been determined to keep a job. My first job was at Cedar Fair Carowinds Amusement Park for two summers. At Carowinds I worked in the entertainment department as a character. Although I loved my position and working with children, I hated working in the hot sun for 5 days a week,