Dear President Essay

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Dear president

Education is important to the future of America because it dictates how the next generation will fit into the world around them. If students are trained to work with and understand the technology and science that dominate the modern world and if investments are made to enforce this new type of learning the thirst for knowledge by students would sky rocket. Students can thrive if given the opportunity to engage their mind and expand their knowledge of career choices through active involvements -such as Q and A sessions with professionals in fields beyond the traditional police officer, teacher, firefighter and doctor- and endow them with the skills nessacry to thrive in those abstract fields. Another issue we should be concerned for is the rate of college admission in America. In a two year period alone the average tuition at a four-year public university increased 15% but the income of middle class homes has continued to drop. Even the funding for student loans has been cut. What happens to the families that cannot afford education and where depending on the federal assistance? My own mother works hard -at a job she’s had for over 12 years- to provide me and my sisters with the things we need but the reality is that she simply cannot afford to send us to college on her own and without a significant amount of student loans and grants my dreams of a good college are nonexistent. If America wants to continue competing on a national level the next generation needs to be equipped with the skills to do so and the only