Essay about Death and Peaceful Silence

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The tingling at the corners of his frame. He watched himself rot away in the water, the peeling of his wet flesh in the water which was supposed to preserve most corpses. It was as if someone had pressed fast forward on his time in the water, and he watched his body swell up as the water rushed inside of his corpse, killing most of the thousands of insects that had made colonies in his body. Like a mother and her child in the womb, he could feel them wriggling on the inside of his body, moving, struggling as the oxygen was swallowed up and his stomach bloated. Rot. His mouth opened towards the end, as the stitching that scarred most of his body from wounds that he had gotten that would never heal as a corpse broke open and the blackness that was stale blood drifted into the once clean water. The blue of his eyes faded into white, as the remaining insects crawled up through his throat to escape. The maggots, who without his pressure or demand, ate away at the skin around his lips. The things that seemed to survive most anything, feeding on the ruins of other things that had once lived before them. It hadn't been a thought in his mind until those last few seconds that this was Selena's doing, and not his own. Not his own will, or lack of one, that had driven his body to finally fail him, and with this being done, he wondered if it was the last stop. If his soul would dissipate as his body seemed to be doing, devouring itself. A hand found it's way to the surface of the water, and gripped the side of the tub. Pulling him up from the water for just a split second as his jaw began to slacken as most dead things did. He could no longer see, rot having taken away his eyes, but he could still hear in one ear. He could hear her /breathe./ The organs that had not yet failed him struggled inside of him for some last battle, but as his hands clawed at the side of the tub, his brain already registered that it was actually all over. He didn't know what he was clawing for, he had wanted this, he had needed this. But they clawed until the skin fell off…