Death Before Dying: A Short Story

Words: 385
Pages: 2

Stuck, frantically searching for a way out, nothing comes to mind, hopeless to try, I know the outcome of this. I believed the pendulum was not over me but at second glance it definitely is. Do I let it happen? Death is just a cycle, it would only happen eventually, especially with these times, the Inquisition will get to everyone in time. To weed out the “heretics” in their righteous onslaught on the free thought of innocents. How long will it take, they tried the pit, now the blade, what’s next, if there is a next for the likes of me. Pinned while I watch my death, slowly, let it happen, or die fighting, burn out or fade away? As I stare blankly above to doom, then nothingness, time to ponder on the decision to fade or explode, the decision