Death and the Maiden Study Guide Essay

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Death and the Maiden
La Muerte y la Doncella

Act I: Scene 1 After midnight, at the Escobar’s beach house
Gerardo comes home to a nervous Paulina; he was given a lift home by Dr Roberto Miranda
G has accepted position on the president’s Commission

Act I: Scene 2 One hour later, the beach house
R arrives at the door to drop off spare tyre and help fix it; has heard about G’s appointment to Commission
G invites R to stay overnight, promises P will make breakfast

Act I: Scene 3 A short time later, the beach house
P ties up R, renders him unconscious
P drives away R’s car

Act I: Scene 4 Before dawn, the beach house
R regains consciousness
P’s monologue – her history of studying medicine, breakfast, Death and the
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–” (8)
R: “...the real real truth is, you want to know the truth?” (9)
R: “In fact, if you want to know the real real truth, look, that’s why I came here tonight” (10)
R: “I’m afraid there are things we’ll never know.” (11)
G: [after coercing R to stay the night] “Paulina will be delighted. You’ll see the breakfast she’ll make for us.” (12)
Act One: Scene 4
P: [R is tied and gagged] “The real real truth is that you look slightly bored.” (14)
P: “he’s still my favourite composer, such a sad, noble sense of life.” (15)
“G: While you point it at me, there is no possible dialogue.
P: On the contrary, as soon as I stop pointing it at you, all dialogue will automatically terminate. If I put it down you’ll use your strength to win the argument.” (16)
P: “You be reasonable. They never did anything to you.” (18)
*Act Two: Scene 1
P: “Isn’t this bizarre, that I should be telling you all of this as if you were my confessor, when there are things I’ve never told Gerardo, or my sister, certainly not my mother.” (19)
P: “I was wild and fearless, willing to do anything, I can’t believe that I didn’t have an ounce of fear in my whole body at that time.” (20)
G: “He has the right to defend himself.” (20)
R: [Just after ungagged] “Escobar. This is inexcusable. I will never forgive you as long as I live.” (21)
P: “Out there you bastards may still give the orders, but in here, for now, I’m in command.” (21)
P: “This is not