Debate: Security Guard and Schools Essay

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They are used to stop lies and dishonesty from or for teachers
Sir Peter's brother, David, who is the project director of the Vardy Foundation, said: "We decided that to protect teachers against unwanted accusations, CCTV was something to be desired." He denied that the cameras would be used to spy on teachers, adding: "We don't need to install CCTV to watch teachers teaching. If the head wanted to spy on teachers, all he has to do is walk down the corridor." Sir Peter said: "The cameras have been installed primarily for security reasons. For this school to be successful, first and foremost we need discipline in the classroom. It is up to the headmaster and his staff as to when or how the cameras are used for other reasons, such as training or for inspectors." ( By Julie Henry, Education correspondent to the telegraph of the UK

They are helpful in ensuring safety and protection
Students are subjected daily to the possibility of a reenactment of the recent school tragedies along with the risk of being threaten, beaten, and bullied at anytime and anywhere on the school grounds, creating an emotional strain on both students and their teachers. Although security guards and metal detectors are used to deter violence and behavioral issues, their presence is not enough. Security Guards aren’t physically able to be in all places at all times and metal detectors can’t detect bombs, drugs and student behavior. Schools are turning to CCTV cameras. Cameras can be placed in school buses, hallways, classrooms, playgrounds and any place where students gather. Surveillance cameras are proven to help prevent violent acts, inappropriate behavior, vandalism, drugs, theft, gang activity and potential child abductions. In the event an incident does occur, recordings from CCTV cameras can be instantly replayed by School Administrators. Suspects can be identified and held accountable with solid proof. ( on January 23, 2013 School violence doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.
School violence isn’t anything new. There have been countless stabbings, shootings, fights and other types of violence in schools over the years, and a lot of people have been hurt or killed in these incidents.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if school violence is going anywhere any time soon. Sadly, it seems as if every time that you turn on the news you hear about some new sort of violence that has occurred in a school, and you never know when something could happen in a school in your community. Therefore, it is essential to do everything that you can to make sure that the schools in your area are as safe as possible. Although you surely don’t want to think about anything happening in a local school, putting forth an effort to add a security system that is top notch can help prevent bad things from happening.
Over time, the country as a whole can help reduce school violence by implementing the right security measures in schools all over the country. By installing top notch security systems and following the right procedures to cut down on violence, more and more criminals will be far too frightened to commit their crimes. Even those who are brave enough to commit crimes can be more easily stopped and prosecuted for their wrongdoings, which could eventually cause people to rethink their behaviors and stop committing so many acts of violence against children and faculty members in schools. Although it will take a lot of work and cooperation on the part of school officials, parents, students and communities, making this effort is essential for those who want to keep schools and the children inside of them as safe as possible. Parents and other adults in the community are concerned about school violence and the bad things that can happen to children in schools. If you are worried about the safety