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The True Meaning of Love Everyone, at least once, experiences some type of love or friendship in their life time. It can be seen everywhere: in songs, plays, stories, movies and so on. Love can even make enemies into to friends and vice versa. This simple yet complex emotion can change anyone. The reason why someone mourns over a family member or friend is because they loved that person. Love is one of the greatest gifts someone can give or receive. When people are facing difficult times, love is the one that can help overcome this obstacle. Love can be twisted to thinking that it has to be a deep affection towards someone that eventually causes physicality. Love isn’t a feeling but it’s a choice that someone makes in a palpable way that that person is willing to put someone above their self no matter what. Love starts off with choice. People don’t start loving someone right away, it takes time. But when a person spends time with someone, the person will eventually make a conscious or unconscious decision to seek friendship with that someone. It is a lot easier to make a friend at a young age. The question that they ask themselves is, “Will this person share, or play with me? If they do I’ll be friends with them.” In high school things are a lot more serious. The question that is then asked is, “Will this person still be my friend even if I screw beyond return?” There is always a decision to be made when it comes to sharing love or not when making a friendship. Although love can be a one way street, the best kind of love with both sides decide to share it with one another. Love should be unconditional. There shouldn’t be something a person can do to cause the other one not to love them. That is not true love. The most over used phrase about love is, “If you really love me you’ll…” and then this becomes conditional. It is saying to prove their dedication to sustain the relationship. Love that is genuinely unconditional offers forgiveness and grace to a friend that commits tribulations. It isn’t “pizza love” like, “Oh I love pizza,” or, “I love cupcakes.” It has no meaning. Loving an inanimate object shouldn’t be who people love one another. People can’t say, “I love pizza, and I love you too,” it just means that their love for that person is on the same level as food. Love shouldn’t be taken advantage of either. When someone continuously hurts another person, they should still choose to forgive them but not necessarily trust them completely. When someone decides to love another person, it is a commitment and a promise to show forgiveness and