Demand of Pepsi Essay example

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Demand of Pepsi
Indiana Wesleyan University
February 21, 2012
Pepsi is a popular cola brand that is available for purchase at many convenient stores, grocery stores, department store, vending machines and restaurants. It is in an Oligopoly industry. One market place can have a stronger market share than another market place. There are several determinants of demand which can influence the shift in the demand curve left or right or decrease or increase in the demand.

Demand of Pepsi Pepsi cola is a cola/soda-pop beverage brand from PepsiCo. PepisCo is known as an Oligopolistic industry. There aren’t that many firms the market that Pepsi cola is in. Pepsi cola first made a public appearance in the 1890s as
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The demand curve can shift due to the changes of taste of a particular time period. Because Pepsi cola has caffeine in it, it can be determined that Pepsi cola is drunk at a particular time in day. That time of day is when a consumer either needs a pick-me-up or something that is good on the taste buds that may not be plain water. Taste and preference can also cause the making of different flavor Pepsi cola. The number of consumers has an impact on the demand of Pepsi cola. The company’s strategy in marketing helps find new groups of consumers that can and will purchase Pepsi cola. This marketing strategy was done by Pepsi Cola Company to attract the African American population. This newfound consumer group increases demand for Pepsi cola. PepsiCo had to do many changes to keep up with market demand and market competition. To keep up with market shares and competitors, different carbonated drinks were produce other than Pepsi cola. The verity in products gives a competitive edge to the company. Not only does the bottle or can design change, but what the bottle or can is made out of can be found appeasing to a certain market group. PepsiCo not only made carbonated drinks, but also taped in other drink markets like water, tea and coffee drinks. Marketing has a major impact on the shift of demand for Pepsi cola. PepsiCo partners with a popular tend to help improve and enter another consumer group. A good example of