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Table of Contents (edit this table as you complete the activities) Entry | Date completed | Teacher comments | 1 Becoming Informed | | | 2 A Musical Note | | | 3 It’s your Voice | | | 4 Govt Scavenger Hunt | | | 5 How the Govt affects me | | | 6 Rights and Responsibilities | | | 7 Global Citizenship | | | 8 Create your own Political Party | | | 9 How to Influence the Govt | | | 10 Self evaluation | | |

Unit 1 - Informed Citizenship
Entry #1- Becoming Informed
Take a look at a local News website and write about a current news issue that is affecting your community.

Article Date: Jul 03, 2012
Link to the article. Why did you choose this article?
I choose this article because a daylight break-in are very common in all towns. This articles can teach us the various techniques used by the robber to get into your house. By learning the techniques you can better protect your house from robbers. How is this affecting your community? A break-in affects my community heavily in many different ways. Everyone is concerned, no one feels safe and confident to leave their children at home. Witness of these incident are afraid of identifying the criminals because they feel that they are at risk since they feel that our laws are not very strong and most of the times the criminals got away without any convictions and they feel they can harm them. Incidents like these can shake the core of the community for many months.
Who are the people involved? (individuals, groups or go's departments)
The people who are involved in the break-ins are gangs of teenagers, or individuals who live in property and think that stealing the fastest and the easiest way the make money and get the thing they desire . What is your opinion about the situation and how it should be resolved?
My opinion about these incidents is that they are very real and are happening in all the cities, because most of us are working day time jobs and nobody is at home during this time and we are not taking proper precautions. The thieves are well aware of these things. I believe the best way to stay safe from problems like theses is the make sure that all of your doors, windows, fence, gates are all locked before you leave the house. There are many simple things you can do to help prevent daylight break-ins. Some of these things are getting a good working alarm system, make measure to leave on light one when leaving your house ( this makes it seem like there are people in the house ), plant thorny bushes near doors and gates, keep the garage closed, keep variable things away from windows, don't hide keys outside our house, cut down tall trees so your houses can be easily spotted far away, and you should trust your neighbour to take care of your house when you are gone of vacation. I new technique used by thieves is that they place a box of