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A large number of people support democracy as a system of government. The definition of democracy originates from the Greek language; it is a sum of “demos” (people), plus “Kratos” (power). It means that in a democratic system, all citizens' opinions are taken into account. In this kind of government, the citizens have power because they can choose their political representatives through elections as well as they can modify it in the next elections if they believe their representatives should be exchanged. There are two kinds of democracy: direct democracy is a system which allows citizens to decide about executive and legislative laws, while in a representative democracy the citizens choose their representatives who will take the executive and legislative decisions. The latter is the most used because the former would be more difficult to be performed. One way or another, the very essence of democracy is to give citizens the power to have a say in politics. Despite of the fact that democracy seems to be the fairest system of government, in this essay, the issue if the system of democracy should be used in every country will be discussed focusing on four main reasons.
One of the reasons why there are people who do not believe in democracy is that nowadays they do not feel that they live in a real democracy. People vote thinking that the representatives they have chosen want the best for the country as they have promised before the elections, sadly however there are several examples which demonstrate that this is not the case. For example, recently in Spain (a democratic country) there has been known the “Bárcenas case”. Bárcenas was the Popular Party treasurer, and he is the clearest example of corruption because knowing about the economic crisis existing in the country, he had been caught defalcating more than 20 million Euros of public taxes that he had in a secret bank account in Switzerland. In order to accomplish this, he received help which probably has been achieved through bribery. Power can make people corrupt and if it happens, democracy is perceived as a lie because the group in power neither minds citizens nor their interests; they just want to have more and more money.
Furthermore, democratic voting sale is a very common fact. It means that people would be paid by someone to vote for a special party. If people who are