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Demonstrative Communication

When I was a child, I started slowing learning the art of body language. Through trial and error, I lean ways to persuade my parents into receiving a message without using verbal communication. Puppy dog eyes or looking sad was a strategically gratifying tool to trick my unsuspecting parents buying me a new GI-Joe Action figure. Demonstrative communication or non-verbal communication is learned at a younger age and is perfected through adult-hood. Although non-verbal communication such as shaking hands, facial expressions, and hand gestures are effective ways of communication, universal standards do not always apply. I am not afraid to admit that I still play video games. Call of duty is an action first person shooting game that is extremely realistic. One of the reasons it feels realistic is the vibrating hand held control pad. When the virtual person becomes hit or injured, the controller vibrates or oscillates rapidly. Haptic is defined as the study of non-verbal communication, much like the controller pad in Call of Duty. The video game sent a message, your controller received it, and the human interaction was accomplished. What if the television was off and the controller stated vibrating unexpectedly? What if it was the first time you played Call of Duty and did not understand the message sent. Touches, handshakes, and high-fives are very effective forms of non-verbal communication but can be easily misinterpreted. A simple handshake can be a sign of respect or may be a recipe for disaster. Out of respect I shake the hand of a person I am newly introduced too or just meet. In life as well as my career this is beneficial because I never know what position that person or employee will obtain in the future. I was taught that shaking hands in my culture was a sign of respect but not all people and cultures are on the same page. In the Middle East their culture uses the left hand for Hygiene so shaking the right hand literally is crucial. In France a long, hard, and quick handshake is considered in polite and can start an unintentional fight. There are Millions of examples on how a basic touch or handshake can easily be confused to the intended receiver. Understanding culture and sending a message by touch or handshake is an effective way to communicate. It is import to understand other cultures through education and realize diversity exist in non-verbal communication. A facial expression is another form of non-verbal communication and is an effective way to communicate. Just like hand shakes, this form of non-verbal communication can also get lost in translation. When my first child was born I noticed all the different expressions on her face. I misinterpreted facial expression very easily and realize how to decode those confusing baby expressions over time. Most facial expressions are universal like a smile can mean you are feeling happy and a frown can mean your feeling sad. Facial expression is an important channel for nonverbal communication. Truth is not always a factor in facial communication because people can smile when they are sad or vise versa. Even though I might not always show my true feelings or emotions the fact is facial expressions personally connects the sender to the indented receiver. If you are a gambler, having a poker face to trick your opponent can be beneficial to your success. On the other hand, a friendly grin can be mistaken for a sarcastic smile. Facial expressions have advantages and disadvantages and help us in our quest to feel the need for human interaction. Hand movements are a sub category of body language that also has negative and positive effects on the receiver. I use hand gestures when I speak because it feels natural and helps emphasize my point and get the message across. I…