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Demonstrative Communication Paper BCOM/275 Oct 20, 2014 Jeffrey Trapp Demonstrative Communication Paper What is demonstrative communication Although you may not be able to tell me the definition, I guarantee you do it without even thinking about it subconsciously. I bet you didnt know this type of communication makes up the bulk of our messages. Demonstrative communication or also known as nonverbal communication is communicating as a sender or a receiver without using words. Instead, people use gestures, eye contact, facial expressions and body language all simultaneously as they are communicating without words. As we go on I will explain how demonstrative communication can be effective, ineffective and both positive/ negative. Effective or Ineffective Effective or ineffective a message being sent and received correctly means the two communicating correctly understand each other. Communication requires both the sender and receiver to be involved in order for communication to be effective. Same thing applies for demonstrative communication just without words. Its best to allow open lines and show a wiliness attitude towards each other. So how is it possible to be effective with demonstrative communication You are going to show that you are open, have a good attitude and willing to communicate. Facial gestures and body language go a long way. A common courtesies smile will let the potential sender know you are there and paying attention. Make sure your body language is open and also give gestures showing you want to communicate. A great example of demonstrative communication is hand signals, while on aircraft carriers in the United States Navy while on the flight deck. You will find every sailor communicating precisely with hand signals and gestures they studied. In order to be able to do their jobs, on the flight deck during flight operations you will not be able to hear each other, verbally communicating is completely out of the question. Once the sailor masters the sign language of the Navy they will be able to use demonstrative communication effectively. Ineffective communication is an epidemic there are times that I almost wish I could speak into the senders head to let them know they are too quite or mumbling, that no one understands them. An example of ineffective demonstrative communication is, crossing your arms and looking the other way this will show that you as the receiver is not looking to converse verbally or nonverbally. Another common example of ineffective demonstrative communication is in a situation where the sender and receiver are too far apart and cant quite see or make out the gestures being given, to prevent that always tries to take into account the distance. Just make sure the receiver gets the message before you assume they did and walk away or carry on with whatever else might have going on. Positive and Negative What is meant to be a positive message sent nonverbally can very quickly becomes received negatively. Remember when using unspoken messages are that they can become misunderstood and taken incorrectly which may cause confusion, and an unwanted situation may arise. For an example, positive nonverbal messages are giving a good strong handshake keeping good posture and having good eye contact. All those examples will give off a positive image to others, which can be used as an advantage in many situations. Nonverbal messages are sent in advance of verbal messages. Before you even open