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Demonstrative Communication
There are many forms of communication from written, verbal, and even coded communication. The type of communication I am covering is demonstrative communication. I will cover how demonstrative communication can effective as well as ineffective. I will discuss the positive and negative aspects for both the sender and receiver. Finally, I will discuss how demonstrative communication involves listening and responding.
Before discussing the effectiveness of demonstrative communication, it is important to know exactly what it is. Demonstrative communication is a form of non-verbal communication. It involves hand gestures, facial expressions, the way you dress, and your general body language. A firm handshake, for example, is a form of non-verbal or demonstrative communication. To put it simply, demonstrative communication is how you present yourself to others. It can be very effective in relaying a message even before you utter one word. When you enter a room walking upright and with good posture; shoulders back, head up, portrays confidence, and makes a statement about you without saying a word. When you are holding a conversation with someone, making good eye contact or nodding your head at certain points in the conversation lets the person you are speaking with know that you are truly paying attention to what he or she is saying. Many times, we communicate no-verbally without even realizing it. For instance, an individual who is uncomfortable with speaking in public but has to give a speech to their colleagues or classmates may reflect that discomfort by shifting their feet during the speech, staying behind the podium for the entire speech, or by using excessive hand gestures. This is an example of when demonstrative communication is ineffective. Oftentimes we send unintentional messages, not by what we say, but by what we do. “Actions speak louder than words”, “Silence speaks volumes”, these two phrases of been coined many times and are accurate. In relationships, when you forget your significant other’s birthday or you forget your anniversary, although she may tell you that, nothing is wrong the look on her face or the set of her shoulders tells an entirely different story. Of course, the better you know a person, the easier it is to read his or her body language. Body language however can be a disadvantage when communicating with a stranger. His or