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Belonging is a powerful word in today’s society. To belong is to part of something larger then ourselves and being accepted amongst others. Belonging fits into the category of social inclusion which plays a big role in individuality and communities. Inclusion is belonging as being part of everyone else knowing that you “fit in”, feeling safe, secure and strong. Individuals who belong are tending to be happier, healthier than people who are isolated. The desire to belong is common. Despite the importance of belonging many people experience the opposite of not belonging. Belonging remains an elusive goal who may be immigrants, disabled, refugees or anyone who is perceived “different”
The first text which I have chosen is a film excerpt, the film is called John Q .The film “John Q” explores how perceptions of belonging and not belonging can be influenced by connections to identity in a individual. John Q is a dramatic film directed in 2002 by Nick Cassavates starring Denzel Washington as John Quincy, a father and husband whose son is diagnosed with an enlarged heart. The family find out that the transplant cannot go ahead as their insurance will not cover it. John q takes the hospital’s emergency room hostage until the doctor’s agree to perform the transplant. The film portrays the exact problems that are present in our society. This movie demonstrates the way we can feel and the things we do for our loved ones
John Q is a great representation of belonging and not belonging within the connection of places in the film. The belonging point of view comes from the father himself as he did what he could do to obtain the money needed for his operation. The doctors and health plan did not care, so John q assaulted the hospital and threatened to kill everybody if his son was not placed on the list for patients in need of a heart transplant. The composer has explored a complex relationship of belonging as his son deservers to live in a society and does not need to be taken away from his family. The film is dramatic and emotional which illustrates the injustice of society, and how the health care system works. It was also the fact that John Q was an African American and was treated based on his race and were he was raised in gangland Brooklyn. He was stereotyped to be one of the African Americans who did not like the white people and would rage wars against them and was treated unfairly by the people who worked in the hospital.
The film has been presented in a way that is not only fascinating and entertaining but also in a way to position the audience, to relate to and sympathise with the characters of the movie using film techniques such as shot size, lighting, music and dialogue. During the “I am not going to bury my son “scene the audience understands the firm concept of belonging. Denzel Washington also the actor of John Q uses an angry and upset tone which engages the audience to realise the importance that his sons life has to him. The camera angle when Jon Q is having a conversation with the police officer is a close officer is a close up shot which shows the pain the man is going through during this tough time. He’s family is not belonging because of their racial background were no one is showing sympathy towards them and they are not giving any change for Johns son to have a chance of living.
The composer of the film represents a not belonging relationship between the doctors and parents. Knowing that his son is in need of a heart transplant, the doctors thought that there is nothing more to do with John Q’s son, but literally let him die during the days he only has left of surviving. They also don’t help he innocent boy because of his racial background but keep it a secret and do not indicate that they don’t like them because of that reason and don’t belong in the community. Instead of finding out ways to save this young boys life, they provide medicine which in making the boy’s death less painful until he died.