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Name- Veipune Sarah
Class- ESLA 113
Description Essay- First Draft
Date- 1/31/2014

My Friend Veipune Sarah In life, many friends come and go, and it is hard to decide one of them as the best. As not every friends we met are always good, but at the end we learn either a good lesson or a bad lesson from them. Similarly, of all the close friends I’ve had throughout my life, the one who stand out to teach me a lesson was Veipune Sarah. Veipune Sarah and I became good friend when we study together in Whatcom Community College, last quarter in a same class. We always have fun together whenever we got time. As we turn out to be even closer, there are two things that I learned from her and I want to apply it to myself.
Firstly, I learned how positive attitude is important. She believed being positive is the key to happiness. Which I thought it was true, and still believes it is true! Consequently, she often pushed negative aside and looked up on positive aspect. For instance, as we prepare for our final test last quarter, we studied very hard together. But on the day of our result declaration, I was disappointed because she couldn’t score good percentage. Subsequently, I hesitated to approach her as I thought she would feel bad if I talk about our result. I remained quiet as I sat down, yet surprisingly she turned to me and smiled. Her reaction showed no sign of disappointment although I thought she was upset. She said that, being upset wouldn’t be any help, however being positive she can do it better in our next quarter. I was really appreciated by hearing her words. Then we started to have fun together again, hence that made me realized she has a positive attitude.
Being funny at just the right moment is another great thing that I