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Description Essay Whenever I think of my childhood the only place I can think about is Chulumani. Chulumani is a small town in Bolivia and it is three hours away from La Paz City. This small town has about 2,800 habitants and is located in the tropical region of La Paz Department (there are nine different departments in Bolivia) known as “Los Yungas.” My Grandparents own a house in this town, so when I was a child my family and I used to travel to Chulumani all the time. In fact, most of my childhood vacations I spent in this small town. The entire trip starting in La Paz City, the different views on the way to Chulumani and the small town itself are wonderful to experience. The journey starts in La Paz city. La paz is Bolivia’s governmental capital and is located 3,600 meters above the sea level. Because it is so high, the weather is dry and cold most of the year. It is so dry that people need to put lotion on their bodies and chapstick on their lips so their skin doesn’t crack like dry cardboard. The sky is always blue and the sun shines most of the days, even during the winter when it is supposed to rain. People who live in La Paz do not wear sandals or shorts during summer, because summer is not that warm. When the trip started, right before we would get to the toll, my parents would always buy “cheese empanadas” for me and my siblings. These empadas tasted so good, they were warm, perfect for the cold and when I took a bite of it I could feel the cheese melting inside my mouth. After the toll is when the real trip began. The view outside the car window was beautiful. The road was paved and all I could see were gigantic mountains covered with white snow on the top. The shining sun made the darkness of the mountains darker, and the snow lighter. Inside the car we were all wearing our warm and fat jackets and were covered with thick blankets to avoid the cold. After an hour of driving, all the sudden the view outside changed. The road was not paved any more. I still saw mountains, but these mountains were not brown and dark, these ones were all green, full of trees and plants that covered all the mountains surrounding the road. The temperature and weather started to change as well. I did not need my jacket or blanket in the car any more, on the contrary, I wanted to take off my sweater and just be in my short sleeve shirt. When I opened the window, I could feel the warm breeze on my face messing up with my hair and I could taste the dust form the unpaved road in my mouth and feel it in my nose, it made me sneeze a couple of times. I could see the birds flying up in the blue and big sky and heard their loud but beautiful singing. This view was amazing, but of course after a while it started to get boring. I and my siblings, the three of us sitting in the back of the car, could not find the right position to sit any more. We were all sitting with our legs on top of each other, even the music in our ipods started to get boring. Finally, after three hours of travelling, we arrived to Chulumani. The little town smelled of coffee and oranges because of the many orange and coffee trees that were on the mountains. These threes also made the town look very green and full of life. The town only had