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Describe your Mentor or Mentors without using their names. In the description, please put their job title, their responsibilities/duties, work hours. Also, describe their responsibilities in mentoring you as an intern. In addition, describe your working relationship with them (good, back, indifferent). Tell if you would like to continue working with this Mentor or choose another and explain.

My mentor has been helping me in my internship very much, has been there to help me when i need help or have questions about my internship. My mentor guides me well when not knowing what to do. My mentor is a very well skilled person with a lot knowledge. the responsibilities of my mentor are pretty simple. even though i can't see my mentor all the time i know that if i have any questions i can go and ask my mentor and she will help me. i have a pretty good relationship with my mentor. at the worksite everything is going good, we have no problem of any kind.

the job title of my mentor is she is the work site coordinator of the computer center at the hollywood site. her responsibilities are pretty simple and straightforward. she is in charge for any challenges i may have. she supervises me that i do what im told and i follow the rules and guidelines. So far at my worksite everything has turn out well no problems or issues have emerged. i get along with the other interns at the worksite. I help the people in the computer center when my mentor is busy. we established a mutual trust at the worksite.

My working relationship with my mentor is a pretty good one. we have