Essay on Description: Sensory System and Descriptive Writing

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Description As I leafed through the pages of the chapter, I began to identify the essence of what an effective description should be. Just as the characters in the excerpt by Robert Dick-Read were left to contemplate after the clouds flew off into the sunset (pg.160), so too I was left to contemplate the scenic, sensory, roller-coaster ride my imagination was taken on, from the animated description of the characters’ stroll across the plateau. From that experience, I fully appreciate the importance of creating pictures of objects, persons, scenes, events or situations to capture the senses. The stroll across the plateau might have left my sense of taste and smell wanting, but the sugar-like sweetness of the cotton candy and the imaginary taste of the grilled hot dogs were just enough to leave these senses fully sated. I was particularly fascinated with the idea of re-examining your subject if possible, but if not, recall it; and then capture its features with appropriate words (pg.160). That, to me, shows the extent to which descriptive writing requires us to reflect and evaluate. Effective writing should capture the true essence of what you are describing, and that is something that you might not achieve in one attempt. In the video clip, Descriptive Writing, which features Rita Dove, she explains how we are most drawn in when all of our senses are engaged; when we can smell it, hear the things in the passage, and feel the breeze that sweeps through a valley. She also pointed out that as we recreate a scene, it should be done in such a way that someone who has never been in it, can imagine it. That is exactly how I felt when I read the various excerpts in the passage. The authors had my imagination fully engaged while exploring the dynamics of my senses. Description is a writing strategy that when