Descriptive Essay

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Nina Helser
Descriptive Essay To Hell and Back

Heart racing, blood pumping, I look towards the blinding, bright, white, light as hope I will get out of here, “Please, God I’m almost there; I just want to go home!” I say to myself,tripping on a bunch of skulls and skeleton's hands. as the cave grows smaller compressing on my chest I feel a hand grab my foot and dragged me back down into the pit of darkness. Kicking frantically, and clawing into the sides of the walls so hard that my finger nails ripped off; screaming in pain, I was finally free from the hand.

Sprinting into the light a beautiful, heavenly creature peered into the distance, with her hands grabbing mine pulled me out of the hole and into the sun. Her hair glowed a bright blonde. Her wings were shaped like a butterfly, but was see thru,with a rainbow, sparkle outline . Her perfect hour glass body made the pink, sparkly, short dress look stunning on her. After receiving my salvation, I tried thanking her, nothing came out, but I knew she could hear me because soft spoken words came out of her mouth that I didn’t hear or remember until they were spoken to me again later on by my priest.

Suddenly waking up in a cold sweat ,tears rolling down my face I think to myself, “How did I get in my bed; Was that all a very vivid dream?” I could not sleep for a few weeks, of fear that I may have another "dream" like this. I quickly look at my fingernails to confirm they’re still there and they are. “Thank you God for taking me out of that Hell!” I say, but then I start arguing with myself saying “There is no way that wasn’t real.”At one point in my life I didn’t even believe in Heaven or Hell. I don’t even know how I got to Hell. The last thing I remember was doing a seance with a bunch of my friends.

The smell of rotting, burnt, flesh, sulfur and barf still lingers. Images of thousands of souls being ripped to shreds, as their blood and guts splat all over, haunt my memories. Souls hissing, groaning and screeching in agony, ring throughout my ears. Reminiscent of the wretchedness of scorching, hot, flames all over my body feel as though they’re still there. Exhausted from running endlessly, throughout the hallways filled with ghosts of depressed, suicidal souls that had taken their own lives and different rooms, each with their own horrors awaiting behind the doors.

One in particular will leave me scarred me for life. Whatever it was, looked like me. All I could see was its face, because it’s body was covered in yellow jackets. It was bounded on its wrist and ankles with leather, spiked straps, (spikes sticking in its body) to this fiery, red wall, with heads and ghostly body parts popping out everywhere. As I tried freeing it, curious about whether this was a double of me, I was pulled off by this hideous creature.

Standing at ten feet tall, this monster, had the body of a male body builder with a head of a ram. It’s piercing, blazing, red eyes gazed into my soul and started sucking the life out of me. Catching my breath becomes a task as this thing dangles me with one hand over the now cyclone, black hole that rest beneath me. A thick, steam flows steadily out his nose thickens, and as I take my thought to be last breath a sudden jolt of pain and thankfulness rush over me as I’m thrown to the wall next to my double. Hundred of souls on the wall rush to pull me in and hold me down, shredding my body in pieces, a burst of energy surges through my body ripping me off the wall before the ghostly figures get to me.

In yet another room people hung in Cages from the ceiling, in the walls, and on the ground. Demons would take them out of their cells and beat them, repeatedly. They’d literally break bones and tear through