Descriptive Essay

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Descriptive Essay Everyone has a certain object that they may cherish, or become familiar with. Growing up, in the world you come across many different things and what is the certain value of that object or even trying to figure out what it is. The world tends to try, and find different objects and the significance of the item. Starting as a young child, in this world I had become very familiar with many different things as I was growing up. Some objects I like and cherish better than others. Every object has significance to someone in the world and a value that they may hold.
The object that I have chosen holds a lot of significance to many people. It brings comfort and a lot of relaxation at the end of a long day. There are many different sizes that they may come in, to fit many different people and sizes. The object I prefer to pick a bed, my bed. Each day I look forward to lying down, and resting myself at the end of a long day. Coming home to my bed after a long day at school, or just a rainy day by itself gives many dreams of relaxation. Starting as infant, you grow to love your bed and the happiness it may bring. With a bed there are many different types of mattresses that can top your bed for more comfortability depending on what you’re looking for. There are different kinds such as pillow tops, temper-pedic, memory foam and many others. The worst experiences I’ve have had throughout my life every day is being pulled out of your bed by an alarm. Your bed can keep you warm on the coolest days of the winter, or even protect you from the hottest days of the summer. Getting out of bed has to be the hardest thing that anyone has to face. For the days, you may be sore and can’t move a bone in your body, your bed holds the fuzzy blankets and soft pillows to lay your head on. No one could ever take the spot or comfort of a bed, or nothing can be a substitute for it like a couch or even a cot.