Descriptive Essay

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Descriptive Essay

Imagine an enormous bird that’s indigenous to our country. This particular species stand about 2 – 4 feet tall, with an impressive wingspan measuring up to 8 feet wide. The size of the bird depends on the territory in which it in habitats. The smaller birds are found in Florida while the larger one’s can be located in Alaska. The adults have a brown body, while their head and tail are white. This majestic creature has golden feet with considerably large razor sharp talons, and a golden hooked beak. Unlike most other birds the males and females of this specific type are identical in plumage coloration. Although they are the same color the females are 25% larger than the males. Fully matured males average about 9.5 pounds and females get up to 14 pounds. When they call to one another the adults chirp weakly and whistle. The younger birds whistle more piercingly than the adults. This species is selective when it comes to finding a place to nest. They take into consideration the tree’s height, compositions, and location. It’s important for them to nest where there’s an abundance of comparatively large trees surrounding a body of water, with minimal human disturbance. The tree this bird selects must have good visibility, an open structure, and be in proximity of prey. The average height of the selected tree is 89 feet tall. The nests they build are often very large in order to compensate for the hefty size of the bird. The