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My name is Brandyn Phelps I went to Southwestern high school where I graduated with only forty-two kids in my grade. I was a 3 sport athlete in school playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. Friends, family, sports, music, and God are my main priorities in life. My first year in college I attended Vincennes University then transferred to IUPUC. Here at IUPUC I play on the basketball team where I have already met new friends and became very close with them. Values in life for me describe who you are as a person. If I was to describe myself with values it would be genuine, respectful, loving, caring, Christian, trustworthy, and truthful. I was raised to be a very genuine person and I have always been that way. I had to learn on my own to be respectful because never having a dad in my life it was a characteristic I had to learn on my own. Me being the loving person I am I believe I got that from my mother who in my eyes has the biggest heart and most loving person I have ever met in my life. I being a caring person was just something I also developed as I was only raised by mother but as far as I can remember I have always been a caring guy always being there for my friends and family. Me being a Christian was something I developed in last couple years where when I was younger my mother never made me go to church and as I got older I developed a sense that I felt god needed to be a part of my life and I was baptized last year on December 14, 2012. I have always been a truthful trustworthy person my whole life always telling the truth to my friends on how I felt and always spoke what was on my mind to them.
Music in my life has always had a huge impact on my life ever since I can remember. I listen to all sorts on genre on music mostly hip-hop which most people see as derogatory, but kids from my generation see it as art where other hip-hop artists are out there talking about their lives only in the music form. The reason why my generation relates so well to this type of music is because the people making art are relating it to their everyday lives where we as the listeners can also relate that to our everyday life. I don’t know why I developed such a love to music, but I have and it is a big part of me as who I am as a person. Playing three sports in high school sure did take a toll on my body but that is also encouragement to keep doing what I do best and that’s staying active. My junior year in basketball my team won a sectional title against the number two team in the state Edinburgh. That is probably the most memorable moment in high school where we as a team, family, and