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Maria L 10/14/13 Period .4 Mrs. Rivera
The name of the story I’m writing about today is called The Cold Swim. This story was written by Allen Davison. This story was about two boys named Maurice and Lamar. They decided to take a trip on a canoe to the other end of Spicer Lake. A clerk of a mountain store and Restaurant warned them about strong wind coming up soon. They didn’t listen, so things didn’t turn out as expected.
Both characters Maurice and Lamar are both adventurous. They also like canoeing. I think they are very outgoing. They like being at the lake very much. They also like to try new things. Such as experimenting on the lake and peddling on canoes.
The difference in characteristics is that Lamar is more worry free. And Maurice is more cautious. I think if Lamar was more cautious like Maurice they would have been safer. Also Lamar is very strong willed. Maurice is very different because he’s very cautious.
The moral of this story is trying to give us advice. The advice is to listen to your elders when their telling you something. This also means to take more information from others. In my opinion on the moral of the story is that somebody is trying to warn you about something. Such as things they experienced. That’s why they’re trying to give you advice, to prevent any kind of problems.
Maurice and Lamar took a trip to the other end of Spicer Lake. A clerk had warned them about