Essay about Desdemona Strong Woman

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Desdemona: Strong and Relentless
Gurmehar Sodhi
Mansoor, U
March 29th, 2011
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According to the general hierarchy when Shakespeare wrote his play, men were deemed to be more able than women. Instead in Othello, Shakespeare emphasizes the strength of Desdemona despite the stereotypical views about women. Desdemona is portrayed to be more able than the women and as able as the men in the Venetian society. Unlike other women in Othello, Desdemona proves to be very strong and relentless in her beliefs and love.

In Othello, Desdemona proves to be very strong and liberated. Since the beginning of the play Desdemona is portrayed to be strong and independent. Desdemona makes her own decision to wed Othello denying her
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Desdemona shows her relentless and unconditional care for Cassio as she says she would rather die than give up on re-hiring Cassio. This would signify her relentless mind as she does not give up for what she cares for. Desdemona’s relentless nature is shown again when she persistently asks Othello to re-hire Cassio. Othello returns to his home and consistently demands Desdemona for the handkerchief in a very anger manner but Desdemona stays relentless and only focuses on Cassio by telling Othello “Pray you let Cassio be received again” (3.4.89) and “You’ll never meet a more sufficient man” (3.4.91). Despite of Othello being so furious, Desdemona remains relentless in her care for Cassio and never gets off the topic for Othello to re-hire Cassio. Her genuine care for Casio makes her focus completely on this task. Thus Desdemona’s relentless nature makes her love for Othello very deep and her care for her beliefs immense.

Shakespeare has portrayed Desdemona to be not only as able but even more able than other men in Othello. Desdemona’s relentless nature made her trust and commit to Othello much better than Othello did towards Desdemona. She proved to be the only woman to stand up against sexism and mistreatment, which showed her strength as a woman. Although her relentless love caused her death, we can still admire her personality that makes her the stronger one within her relationship with Othello. In conclusion, Desdemona proves to be the standout female in Othello