Design and Bp Oil Spill Essay

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The event that I am choosing to write about is the BP oil spill in 2010. This catastrophe was cause by many different failures on the company’s part when regulating the safety of the oil rig. What cause the oil spill was a there was a fatal explosion of one the rigs crucial components. This component is called a blowout preventer. The purpose of a blowout prevent as the name implies is to prevent a huge amount of upward pressure from the drilling to build up forcing the pipes to burst. The reason that these preventers were not able to handle the pressure was because they were not designed by professional engineers. These preventers were designed however by the federal government. The preventers were put through a series of boards run by the government. During this process and at these boards no professional engineers were present to see if the preventers were going to handle the stress from the pressure. There are many things that I would have done in the design process of the preventers. One of the major differences of what I would do compared to what was done is I would have had professional engineers working on the project. This is because professional engineers have to follow a code of ethics. One of the points of the code of ethics is in Article 3 of the IEEE code of ethics for engineers’ states, that an engineer will not give nor receive any gift that they have a business relationship with. This part of the code is important because in this situation BP Oil Company made a deal with the federal government stating that due to the government regulations the oil company would not be responsible for anything in the event of an oil spill. If there were professional engineers on the job like they would have if I was running the project this deal could not have been made. Another thing that I would have done is