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Compute Inc.
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Change Record
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Table of Contents Document Control 2
1 Design Requirements 4
1.1 Project Overview 4
1.2 Background including current process 4
1.3 Current Assessment 4
1.4 Best Practices. 5
1.4.1 Planning data warehouse design 5
1.4.2 Designing a logical data model 6
1.4.3 Implementing a physical data model 6
1.4.4 Designing an aggregation layer 6
1.4.5 Designing with new DB2 Version 10.1 features 6
1.5 Appendix 7
1.5.1 Database schema 7
1.5.2 Data Flow Diagram 8

1 Design Requirements

1.1 Project Overview
ComPute Inc. is a leading internet technology company that measures what people do as they navigate the digital world - and turns that information into insights and actions for our clients to maximize the value of their digital investments. We handle well over 1 trillion interactions each month from 172 different countries. That’s almost equal to 40% of the monthly page views of the entire internet.
Our Analytics for a Digital World enable faster, actionable insight from all forms of digital data. As digital becomes increasingly pervasive, complex, and multi-platform, clients worldwide rely on ComPute industry expertise and audience, advertising, digital business, and mobile operator analytics for better answers to bigger questions. Clients can leverage ComPute data (global panel & census network) with their own data (web, mobile, video, CRM, etc.) for unmatched clarity into where their business has been and where it needs to go
1.2 Background including current process
ComPute is the premier provider for audience measurement due to our Unified Digital Measurement methodology, which accounts for all site visitors and helps you understand the size and quality of your audience. We help advertisers identify the web content that best reaches their target audiences. This means maximizing ad spend through informed search and display media while optimizing campaign reach and frequency. Publishers rely on ComPute to prove that their online properties are effectively reaching specific target audiences while also monitoring the competition. Products like Mobile Metrix, Video Metrix and Ad Metrix help measure unduplicated audience size and composition across platforms, in addition to performance within key user segments.
ComPute Inc. delivers custom solutions, syndicated reporting, cloud services (SaaS), and on-premise software – all with the ability to drive reporting and real-time and predictive analytics. Our products enable digitally powered growth for your business across Audience, Advertising, Digital Business Analytics, and Mobile Operator Analytics
The following Business Areas have been the emphasis for the Current Architecture Assessment:
Mobile Metrix
Video Metrix
Ad Metrix
Media Metrix

1.3 Current Assessment
The following provides the initial assessment of ComPute’s current environment:
• The organization is able to meet their information needs, but the manner in which those needs are being met is inefficient. Numerous work-around have been put in place to cope with those inefficiencies. These issues will be addressed comprehensively in future phases of this project.
• There is an extensive reliance on Microsoft Excel and Access to help organize data for reporting and analysis due to the short-comings of the current Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) structure. Plans are already underway to address this issue as part of this project.
• Some of the external data sources loaded into the EDW are not being used by business areas. Plans to address this situation will be included in the future phases of this project.
ComPute Inc has a Quarantine location in the Development